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Dismantlement of hazardous construction structures
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Our company offers entire package of dismantlement services including dismantlement of buildings and other construction structures. We will prepare professional plan of dismantling construction structures and complete the project within the approved timeframe.

Dismantlement of hazardous buildings includes not only demolition of hazardous structures, different steel and reinforced concrete foundations but also professional teardown of water pressure objects, removal of pipes, disconnection and relocation of engineering lines, procurement of special dismantlement permits, and many other aspects.

Dismantlement projects may differ by timeframes and degree of complexity. If dismantlement project involves hazardous structures, every minute of work becomes especially valuable as any mistake made during dismantlement of hazardous structure may result in significant difficulties and even loss of human life. Collapse of floor slabs, appearance of cracks in nearby buildings caused by dismantlement work, short circuits, and other consequences of gross mistakes made during dismantlement are commonplace when dismantlement was trusted to unprofessional contractors.

In construction business, dismantlement of construction structures is required quite often. Many companies claim they can do dismantlement, but only few of them are able to handle dismantlement projects in reality.

Breaking something looks easy only at first glance. During dismantlement, contractors encounter different difficulties which accompany any project involving demolition of permanent structures. Perfect dismantlement job requires precise performance and accuracy of a Swiss watch. On top of that, even the simplest dismantlement project always requires use of different machines depending on the degree of complexity of dismantlement project. Different projects may require use of special hoisters, large-capacity bulldozers, trucks, and other machinery.

When ordering any dismantlement work, especially dismantlement of buildings or hazardous structures, customers must take a close look at the experience of a construction company and the range of services it offers. We suggest using only our company for dismantlement job, because we have substantial experience in dismantlement of complex objects, know design of construction objects ‘from the inside’, and hire only professionals to do dismantlement job.

By the way, any dismantlement project including dismantlement of buildings and hazardous structures requires appropriate paperwork. It means that representatives of the company engaged for dismantlement will have to do all the work on gathering and procuring required normative documents. Not every company offering dismantlement services is able to procure required documents in short time without seriously affecting dismantlement schedule.

A well-known proverb says that a man must build a house in his lifetime. While every man may reasonably succeed in this undertaking provided that he really wants to do it, only professionals can handle dismantlement projects. We are not talking about destruction like, for example, during war when buildings may be bombed, but special dismantlement job made by professional builders.

Only in movies buildings may be demolished at the will of one man. Dismantlement is a team work, and teardown of each object is a well-tuned system. So, trust creation of dismantlement system to experienced experts!