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Demolition and dismantling by TBM

Our main area of business is dismantlement and preparation for construction, which includes demolition of buildings and structures and dismantlement of various structures on industrial scale with subsequent processing of concrete and reinforced concrete waste into secondary building materials. We offer building and structure demolition services throughout Ukraine.

Demolition according to modern technologies

Our company became successful thanks to the use of modern demolition technologies and unique modern machinery for safe demolition and industrial dismantlement projects. It will be no exaggeration to say that we have the richest experience in demolition business in Ukraine.

Demolition of buildings and structures of all types

Our experts work with brick, panel, and monolithic nonresidential and apartment buildings with the same efficiency that does not depend on the number of floors in and complexity of design of the building intended for demolition. We offer quick, efficient, and the safest possible demolition of buildings and structures of all types: industrial and residential buildings, underground shelters, chimneys, grain elevators, silos, and other construction structures made from assembled and monolithic reinforced concrete.
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