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Diamond concrete sawing
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Centuries have passed since our civilization had learned to erect concrete structures. But the world changes, so not surprisingly the mankind began experiencing demand for dismantlement of seemingly unshakable structures made from crushed granite and the strongest cement. Moreover, innovations in residential architecture and new interior solutions may be perplexing as they might require removing or changing existing concrete apartment elements. But how it could be done? How one can break something as strong as natural stone? Modern technologies which equipped cutting instruments with synthetic diamonds allow us easily overcome any concrete ‘barrier’. Without destroying adjacent structures, diamond concrete sawing will help make a neat opening in the wall, cut beam that gets in your way, and shape up concrete monolith they way you need it. Diamonds make concrete sawing undistinguishable from sawing of any other building material. At the same time, diamond sawing helps reduce noise and vibration affecting the environment, which is important in modern, densely developed world.