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Dismantling of damaged buildings in the mine Solotvino
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By "Tehbudmehanika successfully removed were in poor condition of the building the mine number 9 SE Solotvensky salt mines." Work on emergency facilities require special attention and caution. Using modern technology makes it possible to perform such work as quickly and safely in relation to surrounding objects. Amount of work done - 10 000 cubic meters. Salt mines located in the village. Solotvino, Tyachiv district, Transcarpathian region.


Демонтаж аварийных зданий Демонтаж Закарпатская область
Демонтажные работы пгт. Солотвино, Тячевского р-на, Закарпатской области Демонтаж находившиеся в аварийном состоянии здания шахты № 9 ГП «Солотвенский солерудник»