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Dismantling of concrete structures in Kiev, NSK

The main specialization of our company - the destruction of the concrete (Kiev). One of the most ambitious projects of recent times was the dismantling of NSK "Olympic": the destruction of concrete and concrete reinforcement dismantling, recycling of construction waste.

At the moment, work on the destruction of concrete in Kiev in the NSC have been completed. The volume of the demolished structures was more than 10,000 cubic meters. The destruction of concrete has become complicated by the fact that most of the structures were made of high strength grades of concrete. Therefore, the destruction of concrete reinforcement and separation was carried out with the most severe hydraulic hammers and shears. After the destruction of concrete and reinforced concrete, cleaned of reinforcement materials were recycled in the secondary rubble.

The destruction of concrete in Kiev NSK "Olympic" was carried out by us using 12 units of specially-equipped equipment (shovels, hammers, hydraulic pliers, etc.). Recycled concrete to rubble by a 30-ton self-propelled jaw crusher.

Thus, we soon realized the destruction of reinforced concrete (Kiev, NSK "Olympic"): the use of modern construction techniques enables us to work quickly and efficiently.

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