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Crushing of concrete in Kiev
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Works on recycling concrete wastes on the territory of the LLC "Hatem" in Kiev. Oem split up about 1000 cubic meters. Crushing of concrete in two stages. First, waste concrete crushed with shears and then fragmented by means of hinged jaw crusher. The resulting secondary rubble will be used in place for pouring driveways. Crushing of concrete in place economically advantageous for two reasons: the savings on the loading, transport, waste disposal and the savings in the purchase and transportation of rubble.

Дробление бетона  Киев Переработка бетона Киев
Вторичный щебень Киев Переработка строительных отходов в Киеве
Утилизация строительных отходов в Киеве Переработка строительных отходов
Дробление бетона Переработка бетона
Утилизация строительных отходов