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Dismantling of buildings Lviv

The company "Tehbudmehanika successfully completed the dismantling of the monolithic high-rise building in Lviv. In total, there were dismantled about 7000 cubic meters. concrete and brick.

Dismantling of Lviv of the building was needed to clear land for further construction. Demolition of a multistory building were carried out using a special technology team of specialists of our company.

Contributed to the dismantling of the accumulation of a large number of brick and concrete slabs battlefield. Wastes have been completely redesigned for reuse on the same site. That is, there was expended the time and cost to export stroymusora to landfill. Therefore focus our attention on the fact that the removal, followed by crushing of concrete and brick are significant savings in loading and transportation of waste disposal, as well as the purchase of gravel for further construction. Secondary gravel produced at the facility, the customer can use when building a new building or profitably sell.

Dismantling of Lviv ordered the Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv).

демонтаж зданий во Львове Демонтаж бетона Львов
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Демонтаж Львов Демонтаж Зданий Львов
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