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Hydraulic breaker
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Our company offers various services of crawler excavator-based hydraulic breaker weighting 20 to 40 tons.

Hydraulic breaker is removable mounted equipment which may be attached to excavators instead of bucket and also to manipulators, loaders, and other hydraulic powered machines. Switch from bucket to hydraulic breaker presents no problem whatsoever and doesn’t take much time.

Hydraulic breakers may be equipped with different removable attachments, such as cone pick, chisel, transverse and longitudinal wedges, and tamping plate. To break concrete or asphalt, we use hydraulic breaker with attached pick, wedge, and chisel. Breaker with tamping plate is used to compact loose soil.

We can handle dismantlement, destruction, and demolition projects of any degree of complexity which involve use of hydraulic breakers. Our fleet features different-capacity machines. When providing hydraulic breaker services we use only the best equipment of its class.

Hydraulic breaker rental

We offer not only hydraulic breaker services but also rental. We are always open in our desire to meet customer requests and offer mutually beneficial terms. Hydraulic breaker may be rented for a long term as well as for just a few hours.

Different possibilities and situations set different conditions. Today, hydraulic breaker rental presents an excellent alternative to the outright purchase. After all, breaker rent has obvious advantages: no need in purchase, maintenance, and repair outlays.

Our hydraulic breakers:

JCB 1450 (United Kingdom)
Weight: 1350 kg
Impact energy: 2740 J




Indeco HP 2500 (Italy)
5 units
Weight: 1500 kg
Impact energy: 3120 J



аренда гидромолота

MTB 150 (France)
Weight: 1500 kg
Impact energy: 2950 J



Гидромолоты Indeco

Indeco HP 3500 (Italy)
Weight: 2200 kg.
Impact energy: 4900 J




JCB 1350 (United Kingdom)
2 units
Weight: 1250 kg
Impact energy: 2350 J