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Dismantlement of concrete and reinforced concrete construction structures
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Our company offers dismantlement of concrete and reinforced concrete construction structures (bodies of any size) with high speed and minimum environmental noise pollution, which is very hard to achieve given the nature of this job. Nevertheless, modern technologies, equipment, and most importantly, experience of our team multiplied by our desire to do the job with maximum efficiency help us overcome both concrete and reinforced concrete obstacles on the way towards your goals.

Any man who knows anything about construction understands that dismantlement of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, for example, removal of old foundations or monolithic floor slabs involves at least the same labor costs, equipment, and preparation work as creative construction work. And if dismantlement involves removal of reinforced concrete, i.e. breaking of material with strong reinforcement, it becomes obvious that this job will not be done without specialists who have necessary experience and knowledge. Durability of concrete made this material the leader among building materials, that’s why regular and reinforced concrete make the bulk of the most construction projects. It entails not only breaking of concrete and cutting of steel reinforcement but at the same time ensuring maximum cleanness and removal of substantial amount of demolition waste.