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Comprehensive range of services on demolition of buildings and structures of any degree of complexity and preparation for construction
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Our team will ensure fast, efficient, and safe demolition of buildings and structures of any degree of complexity. Our specialists are qualified to do geodesic surveys, planning and layout of construction sites, and any other construction preparation works.

When studying internal design of any, even not very large building or structure, the first thing one notices is that this building or structure represents a whole complex of components and elements that differ in terms of material they are made from, their size, and joining method. Therefore, dismantlement of buildings and structures obviously requires comprehensive approach if and when it becomes necessary. Dissimilarity of tasks requires comprehensiveness of services: mechanization of deconstruction operations and diverse approaches to solution of ever-appearing technical nuances. Also, removal and recycling of construction materials and demolition waste is a mandatory condition of every dismantlement project. Obviously, it would have been inexpedient to involve a whole lot of contractors specializing in certain specific areas to solve all these problems.

Our services on clearing up the site from unnecessary structures and preparing it for construction projects include the following:
- procurement of demolition permits
- preparation of work plan
- installation of fence
- organization of security
- installation of power supply system
- preliminary preparation for demolition
- dismantling of roof and wooden, metal, and plastic building parts
- separation of metal scrap and preparation for its removal
- demolition
- sorting of demolition waste
- grinding of concrete into secondary aggregate (crushed stone)
- loading and removal of demolition waste
- site planning and re-cultivation
- planting trees and shrubs.

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