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Dismantling of metal structures
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Our specialists are ready to dismantle metal structures of any degree of complexity while ensuring absolute safety in all aspects of this job.

In industrial sphere, different metal structures – girders, supports, spanning structures are often have to be quickly and safely dismantled. But even in everyday life people often need to take apart no longer needed or obsolete structures made from metal profiles and sheet steel. Assembly of metal structures almost always uses non-separable types of joint which, when metal structures will have to be dismantled in future, require both special dismantling techniques and special tools and machinery.

In addition, dismantling of metal structures requires special knowledge in sphere of organization of this type of work. This knowledge and practical experience guarantee efficient and, most importantly, the safest possible performance of this task. Dismantling of metal structures is quite often accompanied by sparks and fire which, in turn, requires from contractor knowledge in sphere of fire safety, and not only theoretical knowledge but also ability to implement this knowledge in practice.