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Dismantlement of high-rise structures
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Based on own huge experience and using the entire potential of modern findings in this field, our expert team will quickly and efficiently solve any problem concerning dismantlement of high-rise structures of any degree of architectural complexity and design while ensuring maximum safety for those around.

With the advent of technical means for high-rise construction, human civilization has persistently tried to push its structures upwards. And today, if high-rise structures need to be dismantled, the process of dismantlement of structures made from different and, as a rule, durable, heavy, and bulky elements became a difficult engineering problem. Also, in our densely developed world dismantlement of high-rise structures entails solution of the problem of minimizing the area of production site. Solution of this problem may be achieved only by applying latest technologies and using efficient high-tech construction machinery. And surely, one can’t do without experience and engineering creativity as every dismantlement operation is unique in its way.

Dismantling of chimneys is also an important problem. As time goes by, reinforced concrete, brick, and metal chimneys become unusable. To leave them as they are is dangerous – chimney may fall down and cause huge damage. Most often, dismantling of chimney takes place in a very limited space which, naturally, requires expertise in this kind of work. Also, chimneys are dismantled not only when they become unusable but also when they are no longer needed, for example, when the enterprise is closed down altogether or changes profile. In this case, one has to deal with strong structures in good working order; in other words, dismantling also requires professionals and quality tools. In only a small number of cases chimneys may be dismantled by implosion; the rest has to be done using industrial climbing.