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Dismantlement of air raid shelters and foundations
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Our company boasts the latest and the highest-capacity machinery which helps dismantle air raid shelters, heavy foundations, hardened field defenses, bunkers, and other heavily fortified structures in the shortest possible time and with minimal environmental impact while ensuring complete ecological and technical safety.

History changes priorities: not so long time ago, governments devoted huge human, material, and financial resources to various military construction projects. Today, all these fortifications, air raid shelters, and similar structures require either complete dismantling because of lack of demand and wear, or significant renovation to make them usable for other purposes. Obviously, any job that needs to be done on these structures presents a problem of higher order than the one which builders of air raid shelters and monolithic foundations had to solve. High-quality reinforced concrete and the scope of work make dismantlement of air raid shelters and foundations possible only if specialized, highly qualified, technically and technologically prepared organizations are engaged for the job. Clearing up the area from massive foundations, taking apart or re-planning of floor slabs and walls of underground citadels – neither of these complex and large-scale projects will stop our experts.