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Dismantlement of brick buildings
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Our company guarantees not only safe dismantlement of brick buildings but also removal and recycling of demolition waste. Our experts will devise the most efficient dismantlement methods, and our machinery will be at your service at any time. We will help you tear down an old brick house in the shortest possible time, safely, and reliably, and we have all licenses required to do this kind of job.

Lately, the problem of demolishing old brick houses became especially acute. These houses become no longer usable, while the task of tearing down a brick house is not an easy one as in the majority of cases, as years pass by brick and putty are ‘sticking together’ and putty becomes hard to break off. As a rule, to solve this problem people go to professionals who not only will dismantle the brick house with maximum safety for the surroundings but also (which is very important!) will recycle demolition waste – broken bricks. Judge for yourself – what will you do if after brick house was demolished you were left alone with a huge pile of broken bricks, fragments, wooden partitions, and other garbage?