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Consulting services. Dismantlement costs and timeframes quoting
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Our consultants and experts will help you in planning, preparation of estimates and draft organization of dismantling work. We will also suggest you the most cost-effective and safe method of dismantling of objects of any degree of complexity.

Cognition comes through comparison. But in order to be able to compare and, consequently, evaluate and forecast anything one needs experience and at least certain knowledge in the field of interest. Everybody who wants to start dismantling project must realize that this is a complex, and in any event financially costly and time-consuming business. Nevertheless, general considerations and approximate forecasts won’t take one too far, as in this case, all expense articles are substantial. To calculate exact costs, determine requirements in machinery and equipment, labor intensity of dismantling operations, and timeframes one will need a substantial experience of expert in economics, manager builder, and civil engineer. Obviously, there are no such universal experts all in one. But, there is our consulting company which will come to rescue and consult you on all these matters.