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Concrete processing and recycling. Demolition waste grinding
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Our company has all necessary modern equipment for reinforced concrete grinding and concrete processing rights at the dismantlement site and for removal of demolition waste for further processing or recycling. Reinforced concrete grinding and concrete processing are included in the range of our demolition and dismantlement services. We have hydraulic breakers and grinding machines which make reinforced concrete grinding fast and ensure quality of this job. Special grinding and sorting machine allows us to sort demolition waste and then process concrete right at the jobsite. Our grinding and sorting machine is capable of processing up to 120 tons of demolition waste hourly.

Demolition of construction structure per se is just half of overall demolition job. After building was taken down, demolition waste must be grinded and removed from the jobsite for subsequent processing or recycling. Secondary concrete processing is an uneasy task: bulky pieces of concrete blocks and slabs are difficult to load onto dump truck. Therefore, reinforced concrete must be grinded directly at the dismantlement site.

How buildings are dismantled? The structure is cut in parts using special equipment. This is how the entire construction structure is taken apart. The lesser these parts will be in the first place, the easier will be the task of sorting and processing demolition waste. Then, reinforced concrete is further grinded in small pieces to make the task of separating steel reinforcement from concrete and preparing blocks for subsequent processing easy. In this phase, reinforced concrete structures are sawn in parts using diamond saws, hydraulic shears, and other equipment. Grinding of reinforced concrete in pieces for subsequent processing helps save substantially on the very processing of concrete into secondary aggregate.

Concrete processing may be broken down in several phases. First, demolition waste is sorted by large and small pieces. Really small concrete pieces are processed separately, while large blocks are ground and processed into crushed stone using special grinding machines. Selection of grinding machine depends on the required size of crushed stone output received from concrete processing. Demolition waste processed into aggregate may be used for building and road construction and manufacture of building materials. Concrete processing allows for re-use of up to 75% of demolition waste. Thanks to latest technologies secondary concrete processing helps to solve two problems at the same time: the need to recycle demolition waste and receive raw materials for new building materials.

This method helps save on removal of demolition waste for processing at specialized factories. Also, our company offers sorting of demolition waste by type of material and possibility of its subsequent processing. Demolition waste which cannot be processed is loaded onto trucks and taken for special recycling sites.