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Dismantling of buildings. Lviv
Friday, 21 August 2009 17:41

The work on the dismantling of the monolithic building in Lviv. Volume removal exceeded 7,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete, concrete and brick. The whole litter was formed peredroblen the secondary rubble, so the customer has received considerable savings in transport, handling, disposal, and the subsequent purchase and transorptirovke rubble. Customer - "The Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv.

Crushing of concrete. Kiev
Monday, 20 July 2009 17:00
Finished works on the processing of concrete waste on the territory of the TOV "Atem" in Kiev. Processing volume was about 1000 cubic meters. Crushing of concrete was carried out with shears and mounted jaw crusher. Secondary gravel will be used on site. Customer - TOV "Atem".
Demolition at Lviv
Monday, 22 June 2009 15:49
Work has started on demolishing high-rise buildings and cottages. The volume of demolished buildings of reinforced concrete in a solid sotavit more than 6000 cubic meters. Demolition of tall buildings is a complex process using specialized equipment. Osobgo focus requires strict compliance with safety standards. Waste concrete and brick rubble budutpererabotany the secondary and on the spot. Customer - "The Ukrainian Catholic University."
Dismantling of concrete structures on the NSC. Kiev
Tuesday, 26 May 2009 15:06
Began demolition work at the National Sports Complex in Kiev. Reconstruction of the stadium is part of preparations for Euro 2012. Will be dismantled around 7000 cubic meters of concrete. Dismantled part of the stands and svaynynye foundations. Concrete waste will be recycled into a secondary gravel and then be used on site. Customer - HK Kyivmiskbud.
Dismantling and demolition of concrete bridge supports. Rivne
Monday, 20 April 2009 12:47
Completed work on dismantling the bridge over. Goren near the city of Rivne. Dismantled metal construction of the bridge and the demolition of four reinforced concrete pillars. Dismantling prizvelsya under tight deadlines. Props destroyed heavy hydraulic hammer. Metal reinforcement of concrete separated from the hydraulic shears. Concrete has been reworked into secondary rubble. Customer LLC "Ternopil Mostobud.
Demolition of concrete piers and the dismantling of the foundations. Vatutinskiy Plant Refractories
Thursday, 19 March 2009 17:39
Dismantled heavy equipment supports and foundations in the Cherkassy region Vatutinskiy plant refractories. The work on the implementation of the dismantling of used hydraulic hammer. Recycling of concrete exercised mounted crushing plant (crusher bucket). Dismantling of gas cutting of metal implements.
Dismantling of the concrete structure, Kirovograd, ul. Ordzhonikidze, 2a
Friday, 20 February 2009 16:46
Dismantled concrete structure in the city of Kirovohrad, st. Ordzhonikidze, 2a. Customer - LLC Chervona Zirka. Volume removable construction was 5,793 cubic meters. Innovation - for the processing of concrete we used crushing bucket mounted on an excavator boom. Crushing capacity was raised to 100 cubic meters per shift.
Dismantling of buildings st. Rechnaya, 4
Thursday, 15 January 2009 11:36
Work began on dismantling the brick buildings in the city of Kyiv at the address. Rechnaya, 4. Customer - company "Misto-Bud-Іnvest. The volume of solid demolished the building is 3839.6 cubic meters. The volume of recycled waste will be 6,097 cubic meters..
Dismantling of buildings Zakarpatskaya region. Tyachivsky rn, smt.Solotvino
Saturday, 15 November 2008 16:28
Produced a complete demolition of a five-story reinforced concrete building in the territory of the State Enterprise "Solotvinsky salt mines." Object - the Transcarpathian region, Tyachiv district, CMT. Solotvino. Dismantled materials and waste concrete rubble recycled into the secondary. The demolition was carried out exclusively by means of heavy equipment.
Dismantling brick building on the Lepse, 6
Monday, 28 July 2008 00:00

lepse200Began dismantling the brick building on the Lepse 6. Customer - TOV "Edіtepe. The total volume of demolition work will be about 6000 cubic meters.


The beginning of the demolition of industrial buildings in Vyshgorod
Wednesday, 16 July 2008 00:00

vysh200Performed the demolition of industrial buildings with a further removal of construction waste in the street Vyshgorod Sholudenko, 19. Customer - Company Polimex-Mostostal Ukraine. Volume of Solid of demolished buildings is 4000 cubic meters



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