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Excavator rental
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Our company offers rental of crawler excavators weighting 2 to 40 tons, with different mounted equipment: hydraulic breakers, hydraulic shears, different-size crushing buckets for any construction and construction preparation tasks.

Excavators may be rented for a long term as well as for just a few hours. Our experts will find the necessary excavator and mounted equipment required for a specific job.

Surely, excavator rental has its pros and cons. By renting an excavator you won’t have to pay maintenance and repair costs, neither you’ll pay mechanics and excavator operators. On the other hand, excavator rent is payable on shift or hourly basis and does not depend on the end result.

In any case, excavator rental is an excellent alternative to the outright purchase, because specialized machinery prices are quite high.

Our excavators for rent:

Аренда экскаватора

JCB L200 (United Kingdom)
2 units
Weight: 22 tons

аренда экскаваторовDaewoo SOLAR 255 LC
4 units
Weight: 25 tons

экскаватор в арендуJCB L240 (United Kingdom)
Weight: 25 tons