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Road aggregate sales
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Using modern equipment and technologies we process up to 75% of demolition waste into useful materials. Grinding machines turn all reinforced concrete which cannot be used in construction into secondary crushed stone, which is a materials that enjoys great demand.

According to the Bible, there is a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together. Paradoxically, this passage has literal sense when it comes to building materials. Every man, even the one who has nothing to do with construction business, knows how much construction waste is usually left after construction is completed. So, professional builders can tell for sure: takedown of a building or any other structure leaves even more waste. Until recently, recycling of used reinforced concrete slabs was impossible. And what about broken concrete? It’s the money which cannot be left just lying in the dust.

Secondary aggregate is used mainly as a roadbed in road construction. Considering the road-related issues, demand for road aggregate will always be there. Secondary aggregate can be used on any road which does not have status of federal road. In other words, road aggregate is used not only in highway construction but also on construction sites in temporary roads, embankments, and access ways.

Let’s review use of secondary aggregate in production sphere in greater detail. Secondary aggregate received from asphalt, brick, and concrete is used as filler in concrete mortars. Also, road aggregate is used to strengthen soft or unstable soil: it includes strengthening of freshly-dug foundation pits and filling of ditches with engineering lines. Secondary aggregate is also used as finishing material: in sidewalks and all types of pedestrian pathways, parking lots, and various paved sites. Secondary aggregate is used as bedding material in foundations and floors of high-rise buildings. It may be used for manufacture of concrete and reinforced concrete products.

One of the numerous advantages of secondary aggregate is its affordable price. Secondary aggregate, in fact crushed concrete is almost two times less expensive than crushed granite. Moreover, secondary aggregate does not loose its properties which reinforced concrete had.

Use of secondary aggregate will help save good money, if you plan to dismantle something and erect something new in its place. In any event, cheaper secondary aggregate will help cut the costs substantially. We’re still getting accustomed with recycling which already became a norm of the day in Europe, but remember: by sending piles of construction and demolition waste for processing, you will not only receive money but also will take good care of ecology and cleanness of the city you live in.